ServersApache 2.0.14 Released as Alpha Page 7

Apache 2.0.14 Released as Alpha Page 7

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     to ensure that we aren't sending an EOS to a request that has already
     received one.  Because the data is sent on a different request than
     the EOS, the error text never gets sent down the filter stack.  This
     fixes the problem by finding the last request, and sending the data
     with that request.  [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Make the server status page show the correct restart time, and
     thus the proper uptime. [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Move the CGI creation logic from mod_include to mod_cgi(d).  This
     should reduce the amount of duplicate code that is required to
     create CGI processes.
     [Paul J. Reder ]

  *) ap_new_connection() closes the socket and returns NULL if a socket
     call fails.  Usually this is due to a connection which has been
     reset.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Move the Apache version information out of httpd.h and into release.h.
     This is in preparation for the first tag with the new tag and release
     system.  [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Begin restructuring scoreboard code to enable adding back in
     the ability to use IPC other than shared memory.
     Get mod_status working on Windows again. [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Make mod_status work with 2.0.  This will work for prefork,
     mpmt_pthread, and dexter.  [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Correct a typo in httpd.conf.
     [Kunihiro Tanaka ] PR#7154

  *) Really fix mod_rewrite map lookups this time. [Tony Finch]

  *) Get the correct IP address if ServerName isn't set and we can't
     find a fully-qualified domain name at startup.
     PR#7170 [Danek Duvall ]

  *) Make mod_cgid work with SuExec.  [Ryan Bloom]

  *) Adopt apr user/group name features for mod_rewrite.  Eliminates some
     'extra' stat's for user/group since they should never occur, and now
     resolves the SCRIPT_USER and SCRIPT_GROUP, including on WinNT NTFS
     volumes.  [William Rowe]

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