ServersAnnouncing the release of BIND 9.1.1 Page 3

Announcing the release of BIND 9.1.1 Page 3

                        platforms which support both IPv4 and IPv6. [RT #927]

 756.   [bug]           dns_zone_load() could "return" success when no master
                        file was configured.
 755.   [bug]           Fix incorrectly formatted log messages in zone.c.
 709.   [bug]           ANY or SIG queries for data with a TTL of 0
                        would return SERVFAIL. [RT #620]

        --- 9.1.1rc3 released ---
 754.   [bug]           Certain failure conditions sending UDP packets
                        could cause the server to retry the transmission
                        indefinitely. [RT #902]

 753.   [bug]           dig, host, and nslookup would fail to contact a
                        remote server if getaddrinfo() returned an IPv6
                        address on a system that doesn't support IPv6.
                        [RT #917]

 750.   [bug]           A query should not match a DNAME whose trust level
                        is pending.  [RT #916]

 749.   [bug]           When a query matched a DNAME in a secure zone, the
                        server did not return the signature of the DNAME.
                        [RT #915]
 747.   [bug]           The code to determine whether an IXFR was possible   
                        did not properly check for a database that could
                        not have a journal. [RT #865, #908]
 746.   [bug]           The sdb didn't clone rdatasets properly, causing
                        a crash when the server followed delegations. [RT #905]

 744.   [bug]           When returning DNS_R_CNAME or DNS_R_DNAME as the
                        result of an ANY or SIG query, the resolver failed
                        to setup the return event's rdatasets, causing an

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