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10 Server and Admin BlackBerry Apps

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We’ve already overviewed server and admin apps for the mobile platforms Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7. Now, we’ll overview some for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets–PlayBooks. Here, you’ll find apps for monitoring, connecting, transferring, managing and more.

1. Server Monitor

Server Monitor (try or $3.99) lets you monitor up to 20 servers (via the http, https, ftp and ftps protocols). To check other servers, such as MySQL, you can have it check the output or response from your server(s) against a string you’ve set. You can load your monitor list onto multiple BlackBerry devices using the same User ID.

Its remote service does the checking, so you can still receive email alerts (sent to up to five email addresses) when your phone is off or doesn’t have an Internet connection. If the phone is on and the app is running, you’ll also get a vibrate, pop-up, sound alert on your server status changes. You can also always manually view and check the server statuses from the app. Statistics are shown for each monitored server: uptime, last check and number of checks, when it was offline, etc.

2. PaderSyncSSH

PaderSyncSSH (try or $9.99) is a SSH client that lets you remotely access your SSH servers at home or work. It has an integrated VT100 terminal emulator that lets you open multiple terminal windows, create macros, execute programs, and manage the remote system. Users can log in to check statuses, do maintenance, or perform troubleshooting.

It also supports secure FTP (SFTP) file browsing, so you can transfer files through an encrypted connection between an your smartphone and a SFTP server. It features a bookmarking so you can save connection details and supports one-way synchronization.

3. RDM+ Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook

RDM+ Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook ($9.99) is a remote desktop client designed specifically for the BlackBerry PlayBook that lets you view and use an unlimited number of remote Windows or Mac computers. You may want to access your desktop applications or files, or provide remote support to others.

Since it uses a proprietary protocol though, their free desktop application must be installed on each computer prior to connecting. However, this eliminates the need to adjust firewall or router settings on the network of the remote computers. It provides an encrypted connection also, which isn’t always provided by native or third-party remote desktop protocols.

4. RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles (try or $39.99) is a similar remote desktop client to the one above, but it is designed for BlackBerry smartphones. It also supports unlimited remote connections to Windows and Mac. It also requires their desktop application to be installed on the remote computers.

It features BlackBerry joystick and keyboard navigation. It supports full screen view, zoom and scrolling, and offers convenient mini-map navigation. You can quickly send commands, such as to start/stop system services and processes, check system performance, display system information and reboot or shut down your computer. You can also send console commands, such as ping, netstat, and ipconfig, and view a command history to see recently used commands and re-send them.

5. BEIKS FTP client for BlackBerry – BeFTP

BEIKS FTP client for BlackBerry – BeFTP (free to try or $6.99) is a simple FTP client that lets you upload and download files between your BlackBerry internal or external storage and the FTP server. It also supports the basic file browser functions, such as creating/deleting folders and files.

It’s free for non-commercial by individuals, while enterprises and individuals using for commercial use must purchase.

6. LiteFTP

LiteFTP (free to try or $1.99) is another simple FTP client, but it is specifically designed for BlackBerry PlayBook and it is from a different developer than the one above. You can transfer files and perform the basic functions: create/delete folders and files and the chmod command. It also features a built-in text file editor.

The trial version doesn’t expire, but it has limited functionality.

7. Rove Mobile Admin Client

Rove Mobile Admin Client (free) is a client app that lets you monitor and manage your IT environment via a separate commercial Rove Mobile Admin Server, which is offered with a 14-day free trial. It gives you real-time alerts to IT-related issues and gives you access to your servers and systems. You can diagnose and resolve issues right from your BlackBerry.

The Rove Mobile Admin Client supports monitoring via Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, BMC Performance Manager Portal and Nagios. You can access the main Windows resources, such as: System Information, Command Prompt, PowerShell, Services, Task Manager, Event Viewer, Local Users and Groups, Networking, and Printers. It also supports VMware Infrastructure and Microsoft Hyper-V. BMC Remedy Service Desk and CA Service Desk are supported for incident management. Supported remote access includes RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, and HP iLO.

It supports the Active Directory and Novell Console directories and the Microsoft Exchange and Domino mail servers. Networking tools include Netsend, Traceroute, Ping, MS DHCP and DNS Management. BES and Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager Mobile are supported for device administration.

8. Network Calculator

Network Calculator ($0.99) helps when calculating IPv4: subnet masks, the IP network range, and the broadcast IP. All of the information can be seen in binary form. It can be helpful for IT students and administrators.

9. Wake on LAN

The Wake on LAN–WoL ($4.99) client enables you to send the magic packet to turn on a remote computer. You enter the IP address, MAC address and port of the remote computer and just hit the Wake Up button. You can also select the connection method (WIFI, BES, BIS, TCP, WAP, etc.) used.

Like with other standard WoL clients, the remote computer and network components must support WoL functionality.

10. PHP Cheat Sheet

PHP Cheat Sheet ($2.99) is a searchable database of PHP functions and syntax, great for those still learning and for seasoned PHP developers. It’s an offline database so you can access it without being connected to the Internet. It includes functions and descriptions for many items, including Date & Time, File Handling, Errors, File System, Filter, FTP, HTTP, Libxml, Mail, Math, MySQL, SimpleXML, String and XML Zip.

Discover more apps on your device with BlackBerry App World or online via the App World Web Store.

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