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Posted Jun 5, 2002

Conference Center handles up to 15 main auditoriums, with 200 users per auditorium and 1,000 users overall. With this many users, polling becomes a useful tool in immediately determining the feelings and wishes of the group. In addition, there's support for 15 smaller auditoriums limited to 10 users apiece, with participation available either on a full conference capability or a more intimate chat.

The world of Web-based conferencing is rapidly becoming stratified, with basic chat on the low end and full-blown streaming media and interactive presentations at the high end. If your needs run more to the high end, then PlaceWare Conference Center would make an excellent choice for your organization.

Pros: 7 Browser-based management; support for offsite streaming audio and video; great firewall interoperability.

Cons: 7 Expensive for larger installations.

New in v3.0: Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 4

Version Reviewed: 3.0
Reviewed by: Kevin Reichard
Last Updated: Initial Review
Date of Original Review: 5/5/99

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