VMware Expands Its View and Horizon

In the PC era, users were tied to their physical machines running specific operating systems. The new era of mobile and cloud computing changes all that and puts IT into what Apple co-founder Steve Jobs called, the post PC era. Virtualization giant VMware is now firmly positioning itself for the post-PC era with new virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI) software with VMware View 5 and expanded capabilities for hybrid cloud with VMware Horizon.

The VMware Horizon product is a gateway that enables enterprises to access cloud-based application through a self-service portal. The Horizon App Manager first debuted in May of this year and is now being expanded for mobile app delivery.

Raj Mallempati, Director Product Marketing, Enterprise Desktop Solutions at VMware (NYSE: VMW), told InternetNews.com that Horizon is also being extended to be able to manage any virtualized Windows application

"What we're doing is letting our customers move from a very Windows-specific environment to the post-PC era," Mallempati said. "We're enabling our customers to simplify and modernize their Windows-based infrastructure."

Mallempati noted that VMware is not saying Windows applications are going away. Rather, he said he believes that a hybrid approach of Windows, cloud and mobile applications will need to co-exist for enterprise deployments.

Going a step further, Horizon is now also able to manage the applications users run on certain types of Android smartphones. Mallempati said that VMware is working with LG and Samsung to embed VMware virtualization into the Android OS that will enable users to run an enterprise phone inside their consumer Android phone.

"It's an enterprise managed and completely encrypted virtual machine," Mallempati said. "This will help to maintain the security needed for the corporate mobile workspace."

VMware is also updating its VDI technology this week, with the release of VMware View 5.0. The new release delivers better performance, using 75 percent less bandwidth than earlier versions of the product, according to Mallempati. Additionally, VMware View 5.0 enables users to run 3D and more graphically intense applications and has improved the ability to deliver unified communications solutions. Mallempati noted that VMware is working with multiple partners for unified communications on View, including Avaya, Mitel and other leading vendors.

Virtual desktop management is also getting easier by way of the concept of persona management.

"Persona management makes it simpler to manage virtual desktops by decoupling personal data from the operating system," Mallempati said.

For VMware, both View and Horizon efforts are part of its overall goal of modernizing the modern application usage and deployment experience.

"The OS as we know it is shifting with the explosion of devices, " Mallempati said. "Our end game is taking our customers on the journey of managing their Windows and non-Windows based applications and accelerating the journey to the post-PC era, that's what we're all about."

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals.

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This article was originally published on August 30, 2011
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