Server News Ingrian Announces Network-Attached Encryption Solution

Ingrian Announces Network-Attached Encryption Solution

Ingrian Networksannounced the availability of its Network-Attached Encryption (NAE) solution, an offering designed to provide customers with a method to protect sensitive information stored on corporate application servers, databases, and other storage devices.

Ingrian Networks released its Network-Attached Encryption solution which is designed to provide customers with a method to protect sensitive information stored on corporate application servers, databases, and other storage devices.

The solution provides a means for any enterprise application supporting the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) framework to implement a range of cryptographic functions on selected data in a cost-effective, scalable, and secure manner.

According to Ingrian, JCE has been integrated into the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition SDK, v1.4.1, which is supported by major enterprise application servers, such as Sun Microsystems’ Sun ONE Application server, Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and Oracle Application Server.

The company says that with the Ingrian NAE solution, any type of customer information — whether a credit card number stored in a database, a user ID and password, or an entire file stored on a back-end server or file system — is secure from theft, defacement, tampering, and unauthorized viewing.

Cryptographic functions on JCE-enabled applications and data are generally handled on individual application servers. This approach has several drawbacks, including poor security of cryptographic keys, reduced server and application performance, as well as increased administrative complexities and costs.

Ingrian claims the NAE solution is the first offering to address each of the shortcomings mentioned above — restoring server performance, eliminating the inherent administrative complexity of server-based encryption, and enabling customers to transparently offload all cryptographic operations to one or more Ingrian secure networking platforms. All cryptographic keys are stored on Ingrian’s hardened platforms. For added key protection, enterprises can deploy Ingrian platforms that include integrated FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant hardware modules.

The Ingrian NAE solution is available immediately, supported on all Ingrian platforms, and administered by Ingrian’s management application. The solution is also offered in a high availability (active-passive failover) configuration to ensure nonstop performance. Pricing depends on the Ingrian platform supporting the solution but starts at $29,995. It includes the Ingrian secure networking platform, Content Encryption Service Engine software and custom JCE Provider.

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