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Dell Aims for Global Server Dominance

Michael Dell started his technology empire with personal computers. At the DellWorld conference today Dell stressed that while PCs are still important, servers and enterprise services are areas that Dell leads in as well.

Dell reminded the DellWord audience that his company has been in the server business for over 20 years. In 2012, Dell released its new 12th generation servers. Dell noted that the 12G servers benefited from organic investment from Dell and from customer feedback.

Dell also took time during his keynote address to boast about his company's server market position. Dell said that his company has the number one market share for servers in North America and in Asia.

"We're only 64,000 servers away from being number one in the world," Dell said. "So if everyone here buys 10 servers we've got it."

The latest sets of server numbers from Gartner and IDC for the third quarter of 2012 were recently released. Of the four top server vendors, only Dell experienced positive year-over-year revenue growth.

Dell Servers"Dell has been gaining share for some time while others are losing," Dell said.

Dell has complemented its strength in servers with networking and storage as well. Going a step further, Dell noted that his company's converged solutions are also gaining traction.

"We're abstracting the data center to a higher level," Dell said.

While enterprises had to worry about ports and switches in the past, Dell noted that now the focus can be on workloads and applications.

"By having IP in all of the categories in the data center we have been able to rethink the entire ecosystem," Dell said. "If servers, storage and networking are like the peanut butter and jelly and bread of the data center, then our active infrastructure is the sandwich."

According to Dell, his company's active infrastructure is the most converged and intuitive data center solution in the market today.

Dell also used his keynote as an opportunity to take a shot at his rival vendors.

"We don't have mainframes or mini computers we're trying to protect," Dell said. "We're not protecting the past; we're inventing the future."

Dell also used the DellWorld event as an opportunity to formally announce the company's OpenStack private cloud offering. Dell is no stranger to OpenStack and is one of the founding members of the OpenStack Foundation.

The Dell Crowbar open stack project for installing OpenStack is a key part of Dell's open source contributions and is used by other vendors, including SUSE. Dell has been very active in the OpenStack community since at least 2011.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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This article was originally published on December 12, 2012
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