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Apache Tomcat Connectors 1.2.33 Released

The Apache Tomcat team has announced the immediate availability of Tomcat Connectors 1.2.33. This is a stable release and includes  both bug fixes and new features compared to version 1.2.32. The complete Changelog for Tomcat Connectors (the changes between 1.2.32 and 1.2.33) include the following:

  • fix 52793: AJP: Fix default value of forwarded worker activation state. Contributed by Yoshihito Fukuyama. (rjung)
  • HTTPD: Improve support for HTTPD 2.4 by using client_* instead of remote_* variables. (rjung)
  • 52564: Fix building with format checking gcc security hardening cflags. Contributed by Tony Mancill. (rjung)
  • 52567: Balancer member in recovery state can switch back into error state if it is idle. (rjung)
  • Log error if unable to load URI workermap file, and improve logging of unreadable worker files on IIS. (timw)
  • Remove deprecated JNI worker and build dependency on Java SDK. (mturk)
  • 51253: Forward WWW-Authenticate header when using server generated error pages (rjung, mturk).
  • 46406: IIS: Support relative paths in configuration. The paths are presumed to be relative from isapi_redirect.dll. (mturk)
  • 50233: Do not use hard limit on uri size (mturk).
  • IIS: Use Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows XP SP2 as minimal version supported. (mturk)
  • 47038: Fix compiler warning when using –enable-flock for configure. (rjung)
  • 51326: URI Map: Add “session_cookie” and “session_path” rule extensions. Contributed by Eiji Takahashi. (rjung)
  • 51333: IIS: Document configuration requirement for 64 Bit environment. (rjung)
  • 51743: HTTPD: Support rule extensions when defining the request worker with an environment variable (e.g. JK_WORKER_NAME). (rjung)
  • 51769: IIS: Allow URIs which contain “META-INF” or “WEB-INF” as long as they are not path components of the URI. (rjung)
  • 52056: HTTPD: JK request log does not always log correct response status. Fixed by refactoring JK request log to use the standard request log hook. (rjung)
  • HTTPD: Allow to choose a sticky worker using the environment variable JK_ROUTE. This can be used if sessions and routes are send with the request in a non-standard way. (rjung)
  • URI Map: Add “sticky_ignore” extension attributes to uri worker map. It allows to disable stickyness for individual mounts. (rjung)
  • HTTPD: Allow dynamic disabling of stickyness using the environment variable JK_STICKY_IGNORE. This can be useful to break cookie stickyness for non-sticky requests like login forms. (rjung)
  • LB: New balancing method “Next” to distribute sessions in a round-robin way. (rjung)
  • LB: Add counter for created sessions to status worker and HTTPD notes. It actually counts the number of requests that do not carry a session id. (rjung)
  • URI Map: Add “stateless” extension attributes to uri worker map. This can improve session load balancing. (rjung)
  • HTTPD: Allow dynamic switching of requests to “stateless” using the environment variable JK_STATELESS. (rjung)
  • AJP: Improve logging when request does not fix into an AJP packet. (rjung)

Apache Tomcat Connectors (version 1.2.33) can be downloaded here.

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