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Apache 2.0alpha7 Released Page 4

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     byte ranges, mod_file_cache, mod_mmap_static), so cleanup of
     the mmap itself can't be associated with the bucket.
     [Jeff Trawick]
  *) Add .dll caching directive ISAPICacheFile to mod_isapi.
     [William Rowe]
  *) Radical surgery to improve mod_isapi support under Win32.
     Includes a number of newer ServerSupportFunction calls, support
     for ReadClient (in order to retrieve POSTs greater than 48KB),
     and general bug fixes to more reliably load ISAPI .dll's and
     prevent leaking handle resources.  Note: There are still
     discrepancies between IIS's and Apache's ServerVariables, and
     async calls are still not supported.  Additional warnings are
     logged to facilitate debugging of unsupported ISAPI calls.
     [William Rowe]
  *) Add input filtering to Apache.  The basic idea for the input
     filters is the same as the ideas for output filters.  The biggest
     difference is that instead of calling ap_pass_brigade, ap_get_brigade
     should be called, and the order of execution for the filter itself is
     different.  When writing an output filter, a brigade is passed in,
     and filters operate directly on that brigade, when done, they call
     ap_pass_brigade.  Input filters are the exact opposite.  Because input
     is not a push operation, filters first call ap_get_brigade.  When this
     function returns, the input filter will be left with a valid brigade.
     The input filter should then operate on the brigade, and return.
     [Ryan Bloom]
  *) Fix building on BSD/OS using its native make. The build system
     falls back to the BSD .include directive on that host platform.
     [Sascha Schumann]
  *) Expand dbmmanage to allow -d -m -s -p options for Crypt, MD5,
     SHA1 and plaintext password encodings.  Make feature tests a
     bit more flexible.  [William Rowe]
  *) Charset translation: mod_charset_lite handles output content
     translation in a filter.  mod_charset_lite no longer ignores

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