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Apache 2.0 Alpha 4 Released Page 2

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*) Add ‘-D’ argument processing for run time configuration defines. [William

*) Organize http_main.c as independent code, such that no code or global
data is exported from it. WIN32 will dynamically link it to the server core, so
this will prevent mutual dependency. [William Rowe]

*) Add separate dynamic linkage tags APR_EXPORT(), APR_EXPORT_NONSTD() and
APR_VAR_EXPORT to correctly resolve apr functions and globals. [William Rowe]

*) Add Win9x service execution and Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Break/Shutdown handlers.
[William Rowe, Jan Just Keijser,]

*) Add mod_charset_lite for configuring character set translation. [Jeff

*) Add ‘-n’ option to htpasswd to make it print its user:pw record on stdout
rather than having to frob a text file. [Ken Coar]

*) Fix saferead. Basically, we flush the output buffer if a read on the
input will block. [Ryan Bloom]

*) APR: Add ap_xlate_get_sb() so that an app can find out whether or not a
conversion is single-byte only. [Jeff Trawick]

*) BEOS: ap_shutdown should return APR_SUCCESS or errno. Note that the BeOS
5.0 documentation says that shutdown doesn’t work yet. [Roy Fielding]

*) Fix some minor errors where pid was being manipulated as an int instead
of the portable pid_t. [Roy Fielding]

*) Fix some error log prints that were printing the pointer to a structure
rather than the pid within the structure. [Jeff Trawick, Roy Fielding]

*) ab: Fix a command-line processing bug; track bad headers in err_response;
support reading headers up to 2K. [Ask Bjoern Hansen,]

*) Fix ap_resolve_env() so that it handles new function added in a prior
alpha (see “Added the capability to do $ {ENVVAR} constructs in the config
file.”) as well as the constructs used by mod_rewrite. [Paul Reder,]

*) Apache 2.0 builds and runs on OS/390. [Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames]

*) Change the EBCDIC support in functions for MD5, SHA1, and base 64 to use
APR to perform translation, instead of accessing the hard-coded tables in 1.3’s
ebcdic.c. [Jeff Trawick]

*) Fix some bugs (mostly lost 1.3 code) in ab’s command-line processing.
[Jeff Trawick]

*) Add the ability to hook into the config file reading phase. Basically if
a directive is specified EXEC_ON_READ, then when that directive is read from
the config file, the assocaited function is executed. This should only be used
for those directives that must muck with HOW the server INTERPRETS the config.
This should not be used for directives that re-order or replace items in the
config tree. Those changes should be made in the pre-config step. [Ryan Bloom]

*) Add mod_example to the build system. [Tony Finch]

*) APR: Add ap_xlate_conv_byte() to convert one char between single- byte
character sets. [Jeff Trawick]

*) Pick up various EBCDIC fixes from 1.3 (from Martin Kraemer and Oliver Reh
originally according to the change log). [Jeff Trawick]

*) Fix a couple of problems in RFC1413 support (controlled by the
IdentityCheck directive). Apache did not build the request string properly and
more importantly Apache would loop forever if the would-be ident server dropped
the connection before sending a properly terminated response. [Jeff Trawick]

*) apxs works in 2.0. [Ryan Bloom]

*) Reliable piped logs work in 2.0. [Ryan Bloom]

*) Introduce a hash table implementation into APR to be used for replacing
tables and other random data structures in Apache. [Tony Finch]

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