BladeLogic, Cassatt Unite for Utility Computing

Kissimmee, FLA. -- Utility software specialist Cassatt and data center automation vendor BladeLogic today said they will integrate their software suites to connect how customers allocate resources on-demand and manage software configurations.

The pact, announced at the Gartner's Infrastructure, Operations & Management Summit here, is designed to help IT administrators double up on the capital efficiency while minimizing operational costs within their data centers. The two IT operations management leaders follow a theme of togetherness, as they push utility computing in an announcement at Gartner's Infrastructure, Operations & Management Summit.

The arrangement also symbolizes a key trend Gartner analysts see for the future; that vendors with different focuses on the IT operations management stack need to work together to avoid alienating customers.

BladeLogic's Operations Manager software creates a catalog of live services based on software configurations across physical and virtual servers and applications. The services are then used by the software to automate inventory, compliance, remediation, patch management and task provisioning.

The Cassatt Collage software gathers and allocates all physical and virtual servers, application servers, network resources and BladeLogic configuration catalogs on the fly, according to business policies.

By integrating BladeLogic's Operations Manager software with Cassatt's Collage software, large enterprises can automate daily configuration change and compliance tasks and provision hardware and software resources on demand.

The companies said customers can discover, model and configure software stacks with Operations Manager. With Collage, customers can define application service policies, and then order the software to automatically allocate or retire hardware and software to maintain these policies using BladeLogic-defined software stacks.

Once up and running together, BladeLogic can manage configuration changes to the software, while the Cassatt software responds to capacity or fault events in the datacenter.

"This unique combination provides IT organizations help in optimizing the use of IT resources across the enterprise -- improving service levels and lowering costs without disruption to existing systems," said Gamiel Gran, vice president of channels and alliances for Cassatt, in a statement.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. But Cassatt has joined BladeLogic's Data Center Alliance Program, and the two partners will work together to fulfill customer sales engagements.

The deal captures one of the key themes of the Gartner IT Ops event, which is the notion that, though each vendor feels it needs to espouse their specific IT governance flavor, each vendor will need to help each other out to win customers over and survive.

Gartner analyst Tom Bittman said in his morning keynote that there is a growing battle between vendors over control of customers' datacenter infrastructures.

"The competitive battle that is forming up is who is going to be in this stack, and who is going to be that pane of glass and who is going to be in control of mounting and accessing and governing other elements of the stack," Bittman told a packed ballroom here.

"This battle for infrastructure governance is going to be messy, but it's going to work itself out over time into a federal model. In other words, all of these vendors will manage what they can manage well but they're going to have to rely more on others."

Exhibit A: Cassatt and BladeLogic's new deal.

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This article was originally published on Jun 11, 2007
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