September 2003 Netcraft Survey Highlights

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The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web server software usage on the Internet. Netcraft received responses to its September 2003 survey from 43,144,374 sites. This is 337,099 (less than 1 percent) more sites than responded in August, and it represents a new peak in the number of responses received. The results from the September 2003 Netcraft Web Server Survey are in. Results for the September survey were compiled from responses received from more than 43 million sites, a marginal increase over the number of responses received in August. Apache and Microsoft IIS once again led the pack, accounting for 88 percent of the servers in use.

Once again, Apache, Microsoft IIS, and Netscape Enterprise were the top-three contenders, with shares of 64.52 percent, 23.54 percent, and 3.46 percent, respectively. Zeus Web Server again made its way into the top-five with a 1.72 percent share. IIS, Sun Microsystems, and Zeus collectively lost .33 percent while Apache gained .54 percent in September.

Of the servers surveyed, 20,589,513, or 47.7 percent, had .com domains; 2,803,458, or about 6.5 percent, had .uk domains

This article was originally published on Sep 8, 2003
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September Results
Server No. of
Servers in Use
Market Share No. of Servers
With .com domains
Apache 27,836,62264.52% 12,268,300
Microsoft-IIS 10,155,95323.54%5,680,247
Netscape-Enterprise 1,491,9973.46% 832,920
Unknown 779,3501.81% 430,025
Zeus 742,950 1.72%370,155
Rapidsite 404,0190.94% 268,583
tigershark 253,0090.59% 183,073
thttpd 222,6300.52%2,970
Lotus Domino 85,4320.20%30,031
WebSTAR 76,6270.18% 43,312
Stronghold 43,9660.10%26,931
WebSitePro 40,2570.09%20,661
WebSite 26,5090.06%15,040
Zope 22,9670.05%5,263
WN 16,0950.04%2,576
AOLServer 13,3290.03%9,409
4D_WebSTAR_S 10,4050.02%5,067
Roxen WebServer9,005 0.02% 4,819
Enterprise for NetWare 7,475 0.02% 2,159
WebLogic 7,4290.02%4,949
Netscape FastTrack Server 7,2110.02% 2,825
Orion 6,466 0.01%4,018
Sambar 5,944 0.01% 2,274
Xitami 4,452 0.01% 2,267
OmniHTTPd Pro 3,675 0.01%936
NCSA HTTPd 3,209 0.01%807