June 2003 Netcraft Survey Highlights

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web server software usage on the Internet. Netcraft received responses to its June 2003 survey from more than 40.9 million sites. This represents a new peak in the number of responses received. The results from the June 2003 Netcraft Web Server Survey are in. Results for the June survey were compiled from responses received from more than 40.9 million sites. Apache and Microsoft IIS once again led the pack, accounting for 90 percent of the servers in use.

As usual, Apache, Microsoft, and Zeus were the key players with shares of 63.16 percent, 26.85 percent, and 1.91 percent, respectively. The top vendors retained their rankings of the previous month. Apache marginally increased its share, IIS slightly decreased its share, and Zeus remained flat.

Of the servers surveyed, 19,801,741, or 48.37 percent, had .com domains; 2,862,381, or about 7 percent, had .uk domains

This article was originally published on Jun 12, 2003
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June Results
Server No. of
Servers in Use
Market Share No. of Servers
With .com domains
Apache 25,856,50563.16%11,625,044
Microsoft-IIS 10,991,73926.85%6,176,187
Zeus 779,9821.91%373,627
Unknown 709,1861.73%382,578
Rapidsite 417,2271.02%284,005
Netscape-Enterprise 409,6581.00% 196,955
tigershark 298,6550.73%213,614
thttpd 240,4450.59%3,203
WebSTAR 84,4640.21% 47,407
Lotus Domino 83,9060.20% 30,681
Stronghold 44,9220.11% 27,853
WebSitePro 43,6270.11% 22,583
WebSite 294600.07%16,842
Zope 218150.05%4,637
WN 174310.04%2,785
AOLServer 151220.04%11,035
Roxen WebServer 97750.02%5,339
4D_WebSTAR_S 83620.02% 4,066
Enterprise for NetWare 81980.02%2,340
Netscape FastTrack Server 81790.02%3,313
WebLogic 70310.02%4,781
Orion 64470.02%4,123
Sambar 62300.02%2,416
Xitami 47330.01%2,383
OmniHTTPd Pro 37170.01%966
NCSA HTTPd 35800.01% 876
SimpleServer:WWW 3730.00%189
SilverStream 8950.00%403