Sun Releases Solaris Security Admin Exam Beta

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Sun has announced the beta release of its Sun Certified Solaris Security Administrator exam. During the beta period, which runs through March 8, the exam will be available at no cost. For the next two weeks, prospective Solaris Security Administrator certification candidates can take the beta version of the exam at no cost.

The exam covers the material presented in Sun's five-day "Administering Security on the Solaris Operating Environment" course, which focuses on basic security technology, understanding common forms of security attacks, use of Solaris logging and auditing tools, and use of the Solaris Security Toolkit. Sun recommends beta test takers have 6-12 months experience administering security on Solaris.

Once the beta period has expired, the exam will cost $150.

Signup for the beta test is at Sun's education site.

This article was originally published on Feb 24, 2003
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