Wiresoft, Pogo Partner to Release Linux Server With Management Apps

By Amy Newman (Send Email)
Posted Jan 17, 2003

Wiresoft Net and Pogo Linux announced this week they have partnered to release Businessware Server, an offering that combines Pogo's WebWare server with Wiresoft's Firegate Linux OS and its newly minted Automated Network Agent (ANA) self-managing system.

Wiresoft Net and Pogo Linux announced this week they have partnered to release Businessware Server, an offering that combines Pogo's WebWare server with Wiresoft's Firegate Linux OS and Automated Network Agent self-managing system.

The joint offering is designed to reflect both vendors' goal of developing affordable technologies for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that combine the power and stability of Linux with a reliable and expandable server.

The companies are emphasizing the cost savings of the offering, both in terms of its low initial price and cost savings over time.

Rex Klein, Wiresoft vice president of Sales and Marketing noted, "up to now, options have been limited. Businesses were frequently forced to choose between compromising the functionality they could get or suffering exorbitant costs. This strategic alliance between Wiresoft and Pogo Linux will provide a lower-cost alternative that not only matches, but exceeds the functionality of comparable products."

Tim Lee, president, and founder of Pogo Linux added, "the standard features of the Businessware Server provide a high performance, reliable platform that complements the Wiresoft Firegate SMB Solution software capabilities. Together, they provide comprehensive networking capabilities at a very affordable initial price. In addition, the reliability and expandability built into the design of both the hardware and software will continue to support companies as they grow and result in a very low total cost of ownership."

Wiresoft's Firegate Linux Operating System brings to Pogo's Businessware Server a firewall with network security and VPN capabilities, unlimited e-mail accounts, automated data back-up, Web site hosting capabilities, and a GUI interface.

Wiresoft's ANA Self-Managing System performs many of the common network maintenance tasks. The basic ANA package will come free with every Pogo Linux Businessware Server and will automatically provide future upgrades to the Firegate solution as well as access to free add-on modules that bring additional functionality.

Free modules for the Firegate SMB Solution include tools to analyze Web site traffic (Webalizer), a cross-platform-compatible database (MySQL), a Web site and intranet search engine (ht://Dig), a scheduling and project management tool (TUTOS), e-mail auto-reply, and adapters to establish VPN connections with Microsoft Windows clients. All of these modules can be installed using Wiresoft's ANA technology.

For an annual support subscription fee, ANA also offers system optimization, intrusion detection, system monitoring, data storage and recovery, and administrator alerting services.

With the add-on modules, ANA is capable of automating 80 percent to 90 percent of administration tasks, Klein noted.

Pogo Linux's WebWare line of servers is the the hardware foundation for its new Businessware Server. The servers are being positioned at data centers and small network environments. The Pogo Linux Businessware Server features an integrated LCD control panel that can be stacked with optional brackets and is backed by a P4 processor, DDR memory and up to two hard disks. Servers in Pogo's WebWare line are priced starting from $999 to $1,949.

Businessware Server will be priced from $2,995. It is scheduled to ship in early February.

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