Farpointer Adds Automated Session Management for Apache

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Farpointer Technologies last week announced new automated session management for the Apache server. The company's iConductor server module is designed to interact with HTML files and automatically implement session tracking via any URL. In addition, iConductor manages simple key/values and complex documents such as Web Services requests and replies. These features save a significant amount of developer time in building Internet-based applications. Farpointer's recently announced iConductor server module is designed to interact with HTML files to enable session tracking via any URL.

iConductor interacts directly and sequentially with HTML files to store and deliver information between Web pages or applications. This interaction allows iConductor to perform basic tasks, such as the automatic completion of forms, and more complex tasks, such as the shuttling of structured or unstructured information between applications. It can also implement a custom ontology - i.e., translate Web key names when communicating between external applications.

iConductor provides a full complement of tools that permit secure additions, modifications, and selective deletions of session information via simple instructions in an HTML page.

Features that make the iConductor-empowered Apache server unique include: enabling the POST method to an HTML page, the capability to pass session information to hypertext programming applications (PHP, ASP, CFM) or to CGI scripts, two-way interaction with standard HTML input elements, and the capability to track complex eBusiness transactions.

A free trial version of iConductor and an online demonstration are available on iConductor's site.

This article was originally published on Nov 25, 2002
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