IBM Certifies Storage Servers for Solaris

By Wayne Kawamoto (Send Email)
Posted Nov 5, 2002

IBM has certified JNI's 2-GB Ready FibreStar PCI and SBus Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) to connect IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS -- code-named "Shark"), FAStT Storage Server, TotalStorage Enterprise Tape System 3590, and LTO Tape System to servers running the Solaris Operating Environment. IBM has certified JNI's 2 Gb Ready FibreStar PCI and SBus Fibre Channel host bus adapters to connect a variety of products to servers running the Solaris Operating Environment.

According to the companies, two families of JNI HBAs have been certified by IBM: the 2 Gb Ready FCE-6460 PCI and 2 Gb Ready FCE-1473 SBus HBAs. Both are members of JNI's family of Emerald IV-based HBAs. Emerald IV is JNI's second-generation 2 Gb ASIC controller JNI.

JNI, a provider of Fibre Channel HBAs for the Solaris environment, says that it is an ideal selection to provide connectivity for the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise systems to Solaris-based servers. By certifying JNI's 2 Gb HBAs, JNI claims its customers can connect the Shark or the 3590 to current and future Solaris-based SANs at both 1 GB and 2 GB speeds.

"IBM's high performance TotalStorage Enterprise products offer customers excellent data throughput in enterprise-class Solaris environments," said Rick Sander, vice president and general manager of Fibre Channel, JNI Corporation. "By incorporating the ESS, FAStT, LTO and 3590 with JNI's 2 Gb Ready Fibre Channel HBAs, customers will have a greater choice in enterprise-class storage for their Solaris environments."

IBM has certified JNI Fibre Channel HBAs for use on Solaris servers. JNI has received IBM certification in the past for its SBus-based FC64-1063 and PCI bus-based FCI-1063.

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