Sun Edges Closer to Solaris 9

Software developers who are fans of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris operating system (or "environment," as the firm calls it) can test it before it goes public, the company said Tuesday. Sun takes Solaris 9 for an early access program spin.

Palo Alto, Calif.'s Sun launched Solaris 9 Developer Early Access software as the first beta of its Solaris 9 Operating Environment -- the firm's newest Unix server software, which is slated for commercial release this January.

As with other access programs, developers can sign up to evaluate Solaris 9 OE software and test their applications on the new operating environment to get a jump on any input or feedback they may have for the company. The comments would help Sun more, really, as the outfit would be able to tinker with the code if a consensus is reached that something should be altered for the better.

This article was originally published on Oct 2, 2001
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