PRN: Sun Microsystems Releases Free XSLT Compiler to Developer Community

"Sun today announced the free availability of an early access version of its XSLT Compiler technology, downloadable later this week at www.sun.com/xm . This new technology, developed by Sun's XML Technology Center, will greatly improve application communication between XML schemas and significantly speed up transformation of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) files. XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) is becoming an extremely popular technology to support business-to-business integration and device-based Web access. Because of its unique use of the Java(TM) platform for actual code translation, Sun's new XSLT Compiler performs better and requires less memory than existing XSLT processors. Sun also plans to donate the XSLT Compiler to the Apache Software Foundation."

Sun today announced the free availability of an early access version of its XSLT Compiler technology.

"Along with the Java platform's portable code, XML is quickly becoming a key infrastructure element for e-commerce applications because of its ability to deliver portable data. Currently, industry groups are developing XML vocabularies, or schemas, for standard business-to-business communication. These consensus-based schemas will enable clear and easy XML data transfer between companies. Yet even with these XML schemas, applications at individual companies need to receive data in a specific format that is usually different from the industry schema. XSLT transforms documents into the different formats required by applications. As businesses begin to rely more and more upon business-to-business communications, the need for fast, efficient XML data transformations will become even more critical. Sun's XSLT Compiler provides a fast, efficient means of performing these conversions."

"In addition to business-to-business integration, XSLT is also commonly used to allow a Web site to support a variety of Internet access devices, such as desktops, pagers, phones, and PDAs. A single XML document can be transformed into any number of display formats to support the different screens and capabilities of these devices. Some of these devices have limited memory and processing capabilities. The small footprint of Sun's XSLT Compiler enables client processing and transformations of XML data even on these small devices."

This article was originally published on Jun 26, 2000
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