O'Reilly: Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1

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"The easiest way to begin Apache web-serving is via your Mac OS X system preferences. Click your Apple Menu, choose "System Preferences," then select "Sharing". Within the Sharing preference panel you'll see a number of options, only one of which is of immediate value. See that Web Sharing label? Simply click the Start button beneath it to fire-up the built-in Apache web server."

"... If you browse to /Library/Webserver/Documents/, you'll inadvertently run across another nice feature of Apache: content negotiation. Depending on your visitor, Apache can serve up international versions of your site -- for example, index.html.en for English speakers, or French (index.html.fr) and German (index.html.dk) versions. Apache for OS X comes with over 25 translated versions of the default index.html file." Most people know that Mac OS X ships with a built-in Apache web server, but don't realize that it's easy to configure and run. In fact, you can host a web site in minutes after completing just a few simple steps. ...

This article was originally published on Dec 26, 2001
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