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 778.   [bug]           When starting cache cleaning, cleaning_timer_action()
                        returned without first pausing the iterator, which
                        could cause deadlock. [RT #998]

 777.   [bug]           An empty forwarders list in a zone failed to override
                        global forwarders. [RT #995]
 775.   [bug]           Address match lists with invalid netmasks caused
                        the configuration parser to abort with an assertion
                        failure. [RT #996]
 772.   [bug]           Owner names could be incorrectly omitted from cache
                        dumps in the presence of negative caching entries.  
                        [RT #991]

 686.   [bug]           dig and nslookup can now be properly aborted during
                        blocking operations. [RT #568]
        --- 9.1.1rc4 released ---

 767.   [bug]           The configuration parser handled invalid ports badly.
                        [RT #961]

 766.   [bug]           A few cases in query_find() could leak fname.
                        This would trigger the mpctx->allocated == 0   
                        assertion when the server exited.
                        [RT #739, #776, #798, #812, #818, #821, #845,
                        #892, #935, #966]
 759.   [bug]           The resolver didn't turn off "avoid fetches" mode
                        when restarting, possibly causing resolution
                        to fail when it should not.  This bug only affected
                        platforms which support both IPv4 and IPv6. [RT #927]
 758.   [bug]           The "avoid fetches" code did not treat negative   
                        cache entries correctly, causing fetches that would
                        be useful to be avoided.  This bug only affected

This article was originally published on Mar 28, 2001
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