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Redmond, Wash.'s Microsoft, after airing its XML-based Web services plan across the state, may beg to differ. It made perhaps the most important announcement about its Web services push yet, which is that the company's hallowed code for the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET has been released to all conference attendees, which means the tool may soon be released on a wide scale. Microsoft said the release effectively caps a beta period during which more than 2.5 million developers tested the upcoming product. Microsoft is also expected to announce business partner pricing for .NET My Services.

"Our mission is simple: enable developers to be at the forefront of the XML Web services revolution with powerful, productive tools that deliver business value fast," said Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, Chairman and Chief Software Architect. "Customers are demanding a software platform that not only delivers world-class client, server and service solutions, but also makes it easy for these solutions to work with each other and with existing investments. .NET delivers on these goals, breaking down the complexity of integration and helping developers use the power of XML Web services to solve business problems quickly and effectively."

Like Gartner, Jupiter Media Metrix, too, believes Web services will be a valuable driver for cutting internal applications costs. And the research firm also believes successful, interoperable implementation is a ways off.

"Visions of companies dynamically 'discovering' and collaborating with suppliers and partners through Internet-facilitated interactions is still within reach but the most realistic opportunities for companies over the next 18-24 months is to use the Web services software for cutting costs," said David Schatsky, research director and senior analyst, Jupiter Media Metrix.

This article was originally published on Oct 23, 2001
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