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    which is probably the only file installed with the correct permissions
    (in this case mode 600).

(3) There are several files installed mode 666 which is a serious no-no as
    some logs and configuration files are affected by this. On my system the
    following files were installed mode 666:


    This may seem bad it gets worse.  Most of the files dealing with
    databases such as global_odbc.ini and odbc.ini are all world-readable and
    thus by default expose passwords administrators may lator install to
    local users.  All configuration files for the server and subsequent other
    services offered Chili!Soft ASP are also world-readable exposing even
    more useful information to local users.


Solution: Remove all references to the sample ASP file in your httpd.conf and
replace the default admin account.  Then change file permissions in /opt/casp
as your system security dictates (in other words figure it out for yourself)

Vendor Status: Vendor was e-mailed these problems on December 30, 2000.

Copyright )2001 Stan Bubrouski

This article was originally published on Feb 21, 2001
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