Apache 2.0 alpha 8 released! Page 6

     CLF compliant '-' byte count, method and protocol.
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Add a new LogFormat directive, %c, that will log connection
     status at the end of the response as follows:
     'X' - connection aborted before the response completed.
     '+' - connection may be kept-alive by the server.
     '-' - connection will be closed by the server.
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Expand APR for WinNT to fully accept and return utf-8 encoded
     Unicode file names and paths for Win32, and tag the Content-Type
     from mod_autoindex to reflect that charset if the the feature
     macro APR_HAS_UNICODE_FS is true.  [William Rowe]

  *) Compute the content length (and add appropriate header field) for
     the response when no content length is available and we can't use
     chunked encoding.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Changed ap_discard_request_body() to use REQUEST_CHUNKED_DECHUNK,
     so that content input filters get dechunked data when using
     the default handler. Also removed REQUEST_CHUNKED_PASS.
     [Sascha Schumann]

  *) Add mod_ext_filter as an experimental module.  This module allows
     the administrator to use external programs as filters.  Currently,
     only filtering of output is supported.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Most Apache functions work on EBCDIC machines again, as protocol
     data is now translated (again).  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Introduce ap_xlate_proto_{to|from}_ascii() to clean up some of
     the EBCDIC support.  They are noops on ASCII machines, so this
     type of translation doesn't have to be surrounded by #ifdef
     CHARSET_EBCDIC.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Fix mod_include.  tag commands work again, and the server will
     send the FAQ again.  This also allows mod_include to set aside
     buckets that include partial buckets.
     [Ryan Bloom and David Reid]

  *) Add suexec support back.  [Manoj Kasichainula]

  *) Lingering close now uses the socket directly instead of using

This article was originally published on Nov 20, 2000

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