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   been favoured by shared hosting providers, loses. In this context
   Sun's purchase of Cobalt ranks as an extremely sensible move, though
   it may become very hard for Cobalt to continue to envangelise the
   Linux environment with Sun as a parent company.
    Equifax goes past 1000 SSL sites
   When [17]Verisign bought [18]Thawte shortly before last Christmas it
   gained such a dominating position in the SSL certificate market that
   many wondered whether anyone would attempt to challenge its position,
   given that it held in excess of 99% of the issued SSL server
   certificates. [19]Equifax has risen to the challenge, and has adopted
   a similar strategy to that orginally proven by Thawte, making sure
   that it is by far the cheapest provider in the market. During the last
   year it has sold server certificates as cheaply as 5 per site, and
   our SSL Survey found more than 1000 sites using Equifax certificates
   this month, giving it around a 1% share. of the internet SSL
   certificate market. Verisign businesses still hold 98%, however.
   We were premature with last month's comment to the effect that Windows
   2000 had replaced FreeBSD at HotMail. Markus Senoner was first to
   point out that although [20]www.hotmail.com is indeed running Windows
   2000, several of the other HotMail [21]front end servers are still
   running FreeBSD.
    amazon.com adopts Linux ...
   Also last month we pointed out that [22]www.amazon.com was serving a
   "powered by HP" logo from a Digital Unix machine. This month Amazon
   has introduced Linux into its load balanced pool. Over the last week,
   some 43% of requests have been served from Linux.
    ... but andover.net prefers Solaris
   One of the most frequently queried hosts of late on our server query
   form recently has been [23]www.andover.net Andover owns the Linux news
   site [24]www.slashdot.org and is itself a subsiduary of leading Linux

   hardware vendor [25]www.valinux.com so people are often surprised to
   see it running Solaris.


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This article was originally published on Oct 1, 2000
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