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Re-organizing the source tree has required the Apache developers to delay the beta for a few weeks, so that all of the problems could be worked out of this tree before we tried to release a working server based on it. One alpha release, alpha 9, has already been released based on this tree, which has allowed the developers to find most, if not all, of the issues related to the new source tree. The current Apache 2.0 development tree is no longer stored in the apache-2.0 CVS repository. That repository is the old 2.0 tree, the new tree is stored in httpd-2.0. The instructions for checking out the current Apache 2.0 development tree can be found at the Apache development site.

Where are we going from here

The Apache Group has decided to try for the first Beta on December 22nd. There is no guarantee that this will actually happen however, because there are still many changes being made to the Apache 2.0 tree. One of the changes that the developers are still working on adding IPv6 support to Apache 2.0 for platforms that support it. The developers have made great progress on this front, and ApacheBench, a simple benchmarking utility that is distributed with Apache, currently supports IPv6. In fact, IPv6 support is being added to APR, so that any APR program will be capable of supporting IPv6 easily.

There are a couple of other issues that the Apache developers will need to resolved before Apache 2.0 can be released as a beta, but the developers are confident that those can be resolved before the 22nd. If the beta does not roll on the 22nd, then you can be sure that the developers will be working hard to get it out the door as soon as they can. However, the Apache developers are very strong believers that we can not release Apache 2.0 before it is ready. Doing so would be a disservice to the people who entrust their web sites to Apache.

This article was originally published on Dec 20, 2000
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