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  • A place where any item about Apache can be found, and if it's an Apache resource you should be able to find it here.
  • A wide, diverse spectrum of views and styles. I'd like to see article commentary in all styles--business cases, humor, you name it. Some of the things I peronally don't want it to be follow, but these are wishes, and not commands, as a community always has a personality:
    • A Linux Today clone. Apache Today may bear a striking resemblance to the Linux Today (because it is, in a way a clone of Linux Today's code base), but I would wish more that the community that gathers here would be open to more diversity--all Apache operating system platforms, including proprietary ones--should be accepted. People should not flame another on a choice that they would not have made personally.

    • A haven for trolls. I will define trolling as commentary that is deliberately misleading, with the hidden agenda being chaos and the weakening of a group by spreading discontent. Although hard to tell from outright ineptitude at times, people who troll consistently express viewpoints that support their conclusions despite staggering evidence to the contrary and with statistics that are at best misleading. It's up to the users that visit to keep this kind of banter at bay.
    • A place of market-specific focus. I'd like Apache Today to be a community and corporate gathering place. Everything goes, in other words. I don't think this will be a problem.

    These are times of incredible change. Keeping up with that change is a good portion of the battle. We're going to try and implement a place where the change can roll by, and hopefully provide a place where you can do more than just watch. I feel that this is part of the role that Linux Today plays in the Open Source movement, and I'd like Apache Today to at least provide the same opportunity.

    But as always, a good place to gather is created by those that come and make it that way. The surfers that ride the apache wave and decide to come here should keep this in mind, and make that reality as much of a pleasant one as possible.

    I look forward to the days ahead, and I hope Apache Today is a part of the good times for everybody.

    --Paul Ferris
    May, 2000

  • This article was originally published on May 30, 2000
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