Apache 2.0alpha5 Released Page 6

  *) Removed pointless ap_is_aborted macro function. [Roy Fielding]

  *) Add ap_sendfile implementation for AIX
     [Victor J. Orlikowski]

  *) Repair C++ compatibility in ap_config.h, apr_file_io.h, 
     apr_network_io.h, and apr_thread_proc.h.  
     [Tyler J. Brooks , Jeff Trawick]

  *) Bring the allocation and pool debugging code back into a working
     state.  This will need to be tested as so far it's only been used on
     BeOS. [David Reid]

  *) Change configuration command setup to be properly typesafe when in
     maintainer mode. Note that this requires a compiler that can initialise
     unions. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Turn on buffering for config file reads.  Part of this was to
     repair buffered I/O support in Unix and implement buffered
     ap_fgets() for all platforms.  [Brian Havard, Jeff Trawick]

  *) Win32: Fix problem where UTC offset was not being set correctly
     in the access log. Problem reported on news group by Jerry Baker.
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Fix segfault when reporting this type of syntax error:
     " without matching  section", where
     container is VirtualHost or Directory or whatever.
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Prevent the source code for CGIs from being revealed when using
     mod_vhost_alias and the CGI directory is under the document root
     and a user makes a request like http://www.example.com//cgi-bin/cgi
     as reported in 
     [Tony Finch]

  *) Add support for the new Beos NetwOrking Environment (BONE)
     [David Reid]

  *) xlate: ap_xlate_conv_buffer() now tells the caller when the
     final input char is incomplete; ap_bwrite_xlate() now handles
     incomplete final input chars.  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Yet another update to saferead/halfduplex stuff -- need to ensure
     that a bhalfduplex call occurs before logging or else DNS and
     such can delay the last packet of the response.  [Dean Gaudet]

This article was originally published on Aug 5, 2000

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