Monitoring Zabbix: Product Overview and Insight

Zabbix: Product Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line:

Zabbix is a great option for organizations that are looking to get started with an open source IT monitoring solution that is popular for use as a server monitoring tool.

A key differentiator of the Zabbix platform is the integrated configuration change management features, as well as pre-packaged templates for popular servers. These features offers both versatility and simple ease of use.

Those organizations interested in using open source to cut costs should be aware that Zabbix doesn’t have a different version for commercial use. Instead the whole product is all open source and freely available. Organizations can choose to pay for commercial support on top of the open source platform, but the technology all remains the same.

Among the challenges that some users have with Zabbix is the learning curve to get started, but given the large volume of documentation and resources that are freely available (and the commercial support options), that’s not an insurmountable issue for many.

Service Description:

Full featured integrated platform with built-in templates to monitor server performance, availability and configuration changes.


Templates for Monitoring Popular Servers
Among the out-of-the-box templates for server monitoring included with Zabbix are ones for HPE, IBM, Lenovo and Dell servers.

Auto Discovery
Zabbix provides multiple methods for administrators to automatically discover assets.

Configuration Change Alerting
Administrators can be alerted if there have been configuration changes on a server including firmware updates or if a component has been added or removed.

Server Availability
Monitoring of hardware components including power supply, device temperature and network connections.

Basic alerting capabilities enable notifications to be send via email sms or custom scripts


Application installation on a Linux server. Zabbix is planning on releasing a cloud based solution in the coming months.


Paid support options range from the initial bronze tier, which includes up to 4 incidents with a guaranteed response time of two days.

The top end support tier is Enterprise which provides an unlimited number of incidents and a guaranteed respond time of 4 hours.

Use Cases:

Zabbix is well suited for organization looking for a low cost, on-premises IT infrastructure monitoring solution that can grow along with them.


Zabbix is freely available open source software. Customers pay for different tiers of support, but the software is the same.


Workload Support



Application installation on a Linux server.

Key Differentiator

Open source with lots of integrated, out-of-the-box capabilities.


Free software, with paid support options.

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