GuidesWireless Servers: From LANs to the Internet Page 2

Wireless Servers: From LANs to the Internet Page 2

By Karl Magsig

Distance from server to client is also a consideration when planning a wireless network. Most wireless network devices have a range of about 150 meters in an indoor environment. In most cases this is adequate, but when a corporate location covers multiple buildings or is a large structure, distance limitations can become restrictive. Most wireless network hardware vendors also supply access points that are stand-alone wireless devices, hard-wired to the corporate network. These access points provide remote access for people working a long way from the central server or other wireless nodes on the network.

A final concern is price. While some standard Ethernet devices are available for as little as $25, most wireless devices are well over $100, with top models costing as much as $200. However, these higher prices are balanced out by eliminating the costs of physical cabling and network hubs standard with wired networks. As the technology matures, with more manufacturers offering wireless solutions, the costs will further decrease.

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