Guides BEA and Sun to Provide Joint Support Center

BEA and Sun to Provide Joint Support Center

BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems announced a new joint support center that will support BEA and Sun customers.
A new support center for BEA and Sun customers will use Web-based architectures to maximize application-level availability.

This support relationship is designed to speed the time to resolution and increase application availability for scalable, Internet-ready solutions. The vendors believe the relationship may also provide lab environments for the purpose of testing interoperability between BEA WebLogic and Sun’s Java Virtual Machine software and the Solaris Operating Environment.

With this new support model, BEA and Sun hope to provide enhancements to the established Sun Vendor Integration (SunVIP) Program and provide faster response times to customer related issues, with the intent of helping to minimize system downtime and achieving full interoperability.

According to the companies, the Joint Support Center for the joint technologies will provide:

  • Convenient one-call service initiation
  • Specialized programs focused on supporting the BEA on Sun integrated application infrastructure
  • A cooperative support agreement to provide rapid interoperability resolutions
  • Predefined escalation processes that can streamline issues resolution
  • Access to engineers trained on both BEA and Sun products

The Joint Support Center will be available to customers with Sun’s SunSpectrum Platinum and SunSpectrum Gold contracts and with BEA’s Mission Critical and Production Support contracts.

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