Explore the Next Generation of Dell PowerEdge Servers

Discover how the latest PowerEdge servers from Dell and Intel® can help your business handle today's demanding workloads without increasing complexity. Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers offer the most advanced Dell server innovations to give you more power and the tools to harness it. Featuring the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family, the next-generation Dell PowerEdge servers allow you to process more data, support more applications, reduce infrastructure complexity and increase efficiency without increasing your bottom line.
Simplify IT Management with Dell PowerEdge Servers
The IT staff at many businesses spends a majority of its time on time-consuming low-value procedures and manual IT management tasks. Better tools for systems management can deliver automation and monitoring capabilities that reduce the amount of time needed manage the infrastructure and allow more time for the development and deployment of new applications and IT services.

Increase the Processing Power Behind Your Mission-Critical Applications
Applications with more users and more data present a number of new challenges for the IT administrators that need to build and maintain the infrastructure. The infrastructure behind today's powerful business applications needs to be powerful, built for virtualization and scalable.


Virtualization Management - Minimizing the Very Real Virtual Bottleneck
Virtualization offers many benefits to enterprises, but it is not without shortcomings and limitations. This Executive Brief steps through the virtualization life cycle from the earliest planning stages to deployment to monitoring and managing to, eventually, end of deprovisioning a virtual server. Along the way, it examines key considerations and pitfalls to avoid.

5 Steps to a More Secure Virtual Infrastructure
Virtual servers have very real security needs, and understanding how they  differ from those of their physical counterparts is critical. This Executive Brief highlights  five key steps your enterprise can take to remedy these differences.

Controlling Your Power and Cooling Costs with Dell PowerEdge Servers
Today's powerful business-critical applications and the sheer amount of data created by businesses require organizations to invest in powerful servers that can handle the load. Dell's newest PowerEdge servers featuring Intel® Xeon® processors, the 12th generation of the PowerEdge line, are designed to improve efficiency and cut costs with a number of energy-efficient features.  

Meet the Increased Demands on Your Infrastructure with Dell and Intel®
More users, more devices and more data are a recipe for disaster for an organization with a tight budget. Businesses that are looking to upgrade their server infrastructure need to get the most bang for their buck, with servers that support other cost-saving opportunities like virtualization and the chance to decrease power and cooling costs.