Making SMS Queries More Flexible

by Dana Daugherty

In this article I'll show you how to use string values  in query criterion to give you the information you need about your site. 

In this article, Dana Daugherty shows us how to use string values in query criterion to get more site information.

Try this- while in the SMS Console open up the query tree, right click on Queries, select New Query. Enter a name in the text box. Select Edit Query Statement. On the General Tab select the star symbol, then hit the select button. Set the Attribute Class to System Resources and Attribute to Name. Select OK. You should now be looking at the Query Statement Properties sheet. From here select the Criteria Tab. Next select the star symbol to create a criteria. Hit the select button on the General tab, set the Attribute Class to System Resources and the Attribute to Name, then hit OK. Set the Operator to ?is like? and the value to [A-G]%. Select OK to each page until you reach the console. Result should be all systems with names beginning with A-G

Practical Application - 
For software distribution I add this value to collections that I advertise to, as a way to control the distribution. After testing is complete I set up a query in the collection membership with the above value. I begin with PC names A-G. When I'm confident that all is well I open it up to A-M etc

This article was originally published on Jun 26, 2000
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