Wrapper Script for Software Deployments

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Posted Aug 22, 2000

By John Paesano

I developed this script for software deployments. It does a number of things but most importantly it is used to detect the clients subnet then place the distribution server for that subnet into a variable. We then take that variable and plug it into the command line. This insures that a client will not pull an install over the WAN. The next piece of the script writes to a log file to give us a success message in a log. There is some configuration that has to be done on the distribution server ahead of time but it is well worth it. We have a hidden share on all of our distribution servers and inside that share is a folder for each package. Inside that folder is a log file that the script writes to during the install.

I developed this script for software deployments.

Information such as the package started, the server it is running the install from, and when it completes. This has proved to be a real time saver when checking package status.

Sample output from log.

SMSTEST4 has successfully started the installation from SMS01


In the example script that I have attached the install generated a MIF file. Inside the MIF there is a success entry. I search for the success entry and then write to my log on the distribution server that the install is complete. Then it restarts the computer.

Download SMS Installer Script

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