Wrapper Script for Software Deployments

By John Paesano

I developed this script for software deployments. It does a number of things but most importantly it is used to detect the clients subnet then place the distribution server for that subnet into a variable. We then take that variable and plug it into the command line. This insures that a client will not pull an install over the WAN. The next piece of the script writes to a log file to give us a success message in a log. There is some configuration that has to be done on the distribution server ahead of time but it is well worth it. We have a hidden share on all of our distribution servers and inside that share is a folder for each package. Inside that folder is a log file that the script writes to during the install.

I developed this script for software deployments.

Information such as the package started, the server it is running the install from, and when it completes. This has proved to be a real time saver when checking package status.

Sample output from log.

SMSTEST4 has successfully started the installation from SMS01


In the example script that I have attached the install generated a MIF file. Inside the MIF there is a success entry. I search for the success entry and then write to my log on the distribution server that the install is complete. Then it restarts the computer.

Download SMS Installer Script

This article was originally published on Aug 22, 2000
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