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9. Once all this is done, you click OK and you should be ready to go. One caution - you must make sure that the ADC has write permissions on the target (W2K) domain. Otherwise objects will not replicate from Ex 5.5 to AD.

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Installing Exchange 2000

After the ADC is up and running, you are ready to install E2K. During the installation you will be prompted for the name of an Ex 5.5 server in the site you are joining and for the Ex 5.5 service account. You might want to install the Ex 5.5 Administrator tool with the E2K install to allow you to manage the Ex 5.5 site.

After E2K is installed

After E2K is installed you will see a new connection agreement appear called ConfigCA. The ADC creates this agreement so that the Ex 5.5 and E2K environments can properly replicate. This replication is actually performed by the Site Replication Service (SRS).

Moving Mailboxes

You are now ready to move mailboxes through Active Directory Users and Computers!

This article was originally published on Mar 5, 2001

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