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Automatic Installation Options

You need to determine which application will install when a user attempts to access a file. This is done by selecting the specific file extensions on the File Extensions tab of the Software Installation Properties page.

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The application that is the highest in the Application Precedence list box is the application installed when a document with the selected file name extension is accessed before the application has been installed on a given system or to a specific user. For example, if you attempt to access FILENAME.xls and both Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 are listed in the box and neither is installed, Excel is the program that will be installed.

File extension associations and which applications are installed upon file access are managed individually in each Group Policy Object.


Application Categories

Application Categories can be created to make it easier for users to locate the appropriate application from within Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Application Categories that Administrators define are set on a domain-wide basis.

This is done on the Categories tab of the Software Installation Properties page by clicking on the Add button at the bottom of the property sheet and then entering a name for the new category in the "Enter New Category" dialog box.

This article was originally published on Jul 25, 2002
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