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When you are not in a domain and you open the USER ACCOUNTS icon in the Control Panel you are presented with the User Accounts view as shown below.

To change any of the listed accounts you would select CHANGE AN ACCOUNT and select the account you wish to change. It's here that you can change the password, change the icon (picture) that is associated with the account or set up the account to use a .NET passport.

The CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT option allows you to do just that.

The CHANGE THE WAY USERS LOG ON OR OFF option allows you to select either FAST USER SWITCHING (which is not allowed when the workstation is a member of a domain) or the standard USE THE WELCOME SCREEN option.

NOTES FROM THE FIELD] - Fast User Switching cannot be used if the Offline Files option is enabled. Also, once your system is added to a domain you can no longer use Fast User Switching, even if you log on to the workstation by using the local user account database.

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This article was originally published on Jul 15, 2002
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