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Using USER ACCOUNTS in the Control Panel

How the USER ACCOUNTS tool in the Control Panel functions all depends on whether your Windows XP Professional system is in a domain or not.

Also, how it looks depends on whether you are using the default Windows XP view or the Classic interface.

This is the default Windows XP view:

Below is the Classic view:

When you are in a domain and you open the USER ACCOUNTS icon in the Control Panel you are presented with the User Accounts view as shown below on the USER tab.

NOTES FROM THE FIELD] - The "domain" BUCKAROO in this example is the local system and not a domain. NORTHAMERICA is a domain. The icons for a local account have a computer/user icon. In the above image in the Password for backup section you can see this. A DOMAIN icon in the Users for this computer section would have a planet/user icon combination as shown below.

In order to see the properties of an account, you would select it and click on the properties button to see the following window.

On the Group Membership tab of the USER property sheet, you would see three selections to choose from regarding group memberships.

The OTHER drop down window lists all of the LOCAL groups that the user could belong to.

The OTHER drop down window lists only the local groups, regardless of whether you have chosen a user account in the local accounts database or a domain account that is in the domain.

This article was originally published on Jul 15, 2002

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