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Posted Apr 11, 2002

Upon restart, the computer will either boot directly to Windows XP Professional or it will bring up the operating system selection window (the text of the BOOT.INI file) if you have more than one operating system installed.

After you start Windows XP for the first time, you will come to the Welcome to Microsoft Windows screen to finish setting up your computer. Click on the Green NEXT arrow at the bottom right hand corner of the display.

The system will then check to see how you will connect to the Internet. If Windows cannot detect the settings it will prompt you for input. (You can also select SKIP to by pass this section).

The Registration of your Windows XP Professional software IS NOT REQUIRED. You can skip this step and never go back to it.

The Windows Product Activation screen appears next. Windows Product Activation has been designed by Microsoft to protect their intellectual property as much as possible from software piracy. According to Microsoft through the setup feature, you do not need to send any information at all when you activate the product, not even a name. This step is required, at this time or within the first 30 days.

If you decide to skip this registration step now, you will only be able to use Windows XP Professional for 30 days. At that time, the operating system will not function without activating the product. You will have no other option but to either blow the partition away and reinstall the OS for another 30 days or activate the software.

If you skip this step, Windows XP will periodically remind us during our 30-day period to Activate the product.

The next screen we are brought to is the Internet Access screen, which allows us to configure our Internet connection at this time as well. You do have the option to skip this step as well.

The next screen that appears is the User Setup screen. On this setup page you are able to enter the name of each person that will have local access to this computer. If you choose to do this now, Windows XP Professional would create a separate user account for each name entered.

These names would first appear on the Welcome Screen in alphabetical order. At that point, users would be able to select their name from the Welcome screen to use the computer. The local administrator can use User Accounts in the system Control Panel to assign these users with passwords and system permission limits. It is also where additional users can be created, in lieu of doing here or in addition to entering some here.

At least one name needs to be entered.

This first user becomes a local administrator by default.

Well, that's the soup to nuts of an attended installation of Windows XP Professional.

In the next installment I will briefly go over some of the other installation methods of Windows XP Professional such as over the network installations, RIS installations, and automating installations using Windows Setup Manager.

Until then, best of luck in your studies and please feel free to contact me with any questions on my column and remember,

"If a bad guy can alter the operating system on your computer, it may not be your computer anymore"

Jason Zandri


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