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There is only one version of ISAPI Perl: ActiveState Perl. When Perl is download from ActiveState, it comes with a normal, command-line version of Perl, ISAPI Perl, and PerlScript for scripting inside of Active Server Pages.

ISAPI Perl used to be a bear to install on Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) because associating ISAPI Perl with an application required registry settings. Thanks to the ingenuity of the ActiveState guys, the more recent versions of ActiveState Perl come with an installer that detect IIS and make this association for you.

Active Server Pages

An alternative to using ISAPI Perl on some Win32 Web servers involves using Active Server Pages, a technology introduced with Microsofts IIS servers. Active Server Page technology enables HTML pages to have embedded Perl. Other than the syntax of embedding Perl inside HTML, PerlScript offers the same basic advantages as ISAPI Perl since the PerlScript module runs inside the Web server just like ISAPI Perl does.

However, should you wish to understand what it takes to do this, instructions are included with the ActivePerl Documentation. Specifically, the IIS 4.0 Installation Section of the Web Server Config FAQ.

One thing to note is that although the process of including ISAPI Perl on IIS is straightforward with Windows NT, it is a bit trickier to get it to work on Windows 98. This is partially because even though Personal Web Server for Windows 98 is basically a clone of IIS, it is not entirely identical to IIS.

If you are using Windows 98, you can increase your chances of success with installing ISAPI Perl by shutting down Personal Web Server before you install Perl. After you are done installing Perl, you should reboot your machine completely before attempting to use ISAPI Perl.

This article was originally published on Aug 16, 2000

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