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Also, mod_perl allows you to configure your Apache server and handlers in Perl (using the PerlSetVar directive and the <Perl> sections). This makes the administration of servers with many virtual hosts and complex configuration a piece of cake. Hey, you can even define your own configuration directives!

How Fast and Stable is mod_perl?

Many people ask, "How much of a performance improvement does mod_perl give?'' Well, it all depends on what you are doing with mod_perl--and possibly whom you ask. Developers report speed boosts from 200 percent to 2000 percent. The best way to measure is to try it and see for yourself (see http://perl.apache.org/tidbits.html and http://perl.apache.org/stories/ for the facts).

Every second of every day, thousands of Web sites all over the world are using mod_perl to serve hundreds of thousands of Web pages. Apache and mod_perl are some of the best-tested programs ever written. Of course they are continually being developed and improved, but you do not have to work on the bleeding edge of development--you can use the stable products for your sites and let others do the testing of the new versions for you.

I want to show you just a few of the many very busy and popular sites that are driven by mod_perl. A thousand words can't substitute the experience. Visit the sites and feel the difference. They will persuade you that mod_perl rules!

  • ValueClick serves more than 70 million requests per day from about 20 machines. Every response is dynamic, with all sorts of calculation, storing, logging, counting, you name it. All of their application programming is done in Perl.

  • Singles Heaven is a Match Maker site with almost 26,000 members and growing. The site is driven by mod_perl, DBI, Apache::DBI (which provides a persistence to database connections) and MySQL. The speed is enormous, chatting with mod_perl is a pleasure. Every page is generated by about 10 SQL queries, for it does many dynamic checks on every page--like checking for new emails, users who are watched by various watchdogs and many more. You don't feel these queries are actually happening, the speed is as fast as the "Hello World" script. Enter as anonymous user to try it.

  • Internet Movie Database serves around two million page views per day. All database lookups are handled inside Apache via mod_perl. Each request also goes through several mod_perl handlers and the output is then reformatted on the fly with mod_perl SSI to embed advertising banners and give different views of the site depending on the hostname used.

  • Deja.com serves about 160 million page views per month. It's uses a cluster of mod_perl enabled Apache servers running on the Linux operating system.

  • MP3.com served 142 million page views to 560,000 individual visitors in April 2000.

How Many Sites are Running a mod_perl-Enabled Apache Web Server?

According to the Netcraft survey, as of May 2000 nine million hosts are running the free Apache Web server, which is more than 60 percent of all survey hosts.

This article was originally published on Jun 7, 2000
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