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6. ConnectBot

httpmon (free) lets you monitor the status of HTTP servers. You can perform simple pings or check against customizable conditions, such as the response code or time, header contains, or content contains. You can also set the desired User Agent used for pings or requests. ConnectBot can then send customizable failure notifications or SMS messages.

7. Server Monitor

Server Monitor (free) is a simple monitoring app that supports TCP connections as well as SSH tunnels. You can customize the polling frequency and enable a sound or vibrate alert. The service can start up automatically during boot or be controlled manually.

8. AndPache

AndPache (free) lets you check the health of your Apache server right from your phone, allowing you to view your Apache server's status page in a mobile friendly format. For it to work, you must have the server-status page enabled and available publicly, which is the default for Apache 2.x installations.

9. AndFTP

AndFTP ($5.67 or free) is an FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with support for SSH RSA/DSA keys. It features download, upload and share features with resume support. You can open, rename, delete, update permissions, run custom commands and more. The file browser shows both the device/SD and FTP connection. The Pro version also supports the secure copy protocol (SCP) and folder synchronization.

10. Phoenix MySql Client

With Phoenix MySql Client (free), you can directly connect to a MySQL server to view tables, views and stored procedures. You can perform SQL queries and statements, such as insert, delete, select and so on. Since it's a direct connection, no desktop or server side software is required.

11. SQL note for Android

SQL note for Android (free) is an SQL testing and sharing application. It is a great help in creating and validating SQL statements. It features syntax highlighting, copying and history. You can also share reports via email, SMS, Facebook and Wordpress.

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This article was originally published on Jul 15, 2011
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