Server NewsAnnouncing the release of BIND 9.1.1 Page 4

Announcing the release of BIND 9.1.1 Page 4

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                        assertion failure in the query code.  [RT #881]  
 743.   [bug]           Receiving a large number of certain malformed
                        answers could cause named to stop responding.
                        [RT #861]

 742.   [bug]           dig +domain did not work. [RT #850]
 738.   [bug]           If a non-threadsafe sdb driver supported AXFR and
                        received an AXFR request, it would deadlock or die
                        with an assertion failure. [RT #852]
 737.   [port]          stdtime.c failed to compile on certain platforms.

 648.   [port]          Add support for pre-RFC2133 IPv6 implementations.

        --- 9.1.1rc2 released ---

 733.   [bug]           Reference counts of dns_acl_t objects need to be
                        locked but were not. [RT #801, #821]
 708.   [bug]           When building with --with-openssl, the openssl headers
                        included with BIND 9 should not be used. [RT #702]
        --- 9.1.1rc1 released ---
 729.   [port]          pthread_setconcurrency() needs to be called on Solaris.
 727.   [port]          Work around OS bug where accept() succeeds but
                        fails to fill in the peer address of the accepted
                        connection, by treating it as an error rather than
                        an assertion failure. [RT #809]
 723.   [bug]           Referrals whose NS RRs had a 0 TTL caused the resolver
                        to return DNS_R_SERVFAIL. [RT #783]
 720.   [bug]           Server could enter infinite loop in
                        dispatch.c:do_cancel(). [RT #733]

 719.   [bug]           Rapid reloads could trigger an assertion failure.
                        [RT #743, #763]

 717.   [bug]           Certain TKEY processing failure modes could
                        reference an uninitialized variable, causing the
                        server to crash. [RT #750]
 716.   [bug]           The first line of a  master file was lost if
                        an origin was specified. [RT #744]

 715.   [bug]           Resolving some A6 chains could cause an assertion
                        failure in adb.c. [RT #738]
 711.   [bug]           The libisc and liblwres implementations of
                        inet_ntop contained an off by one error.
 706.   [bug]           Zones with an explicit "allow-update { none; };"  
                        were considered dynamic and therefore not reloaded
                        on SIGHUP or "rndc reload".
 700.   [bug]            range check was wrong. [RT #688]
 698.   [bug]           Aborting nsupdate with ^C would lead to several
                        race conditions.
 699.   [bug]           The lexer mishandled empty quoted strings. [RT #694]

 694.   [bug]            did not produce the last entry.
                        [RT #682, #683]
 693.   [bug]           An empty lwres statement in named.conf caused
                        the server to crash while loading.

 692.   [bug]           Deal with systems that have getaddrinfo() but not
                        gai_strerror(). [RT #679]
 691.   [bug]           Configuring per-view forwarders caused an assertion
                        failure. [RT #675, #734]
        --- 9.1.0 released ---

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