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VMworld 2010 kicked off Sunday afternoon with a "fun run" along the San Francisco Bay, periodically endless lines for materials at the registration desk and a seemingly bottomless keg of free beer. With Tweet Ups, blogger lounges and a heavy emphasis on social networking, VMworld offers a wealth of info to those who couldn't make it to San Francisco and seems intent on connecting the 15,000 attendees who are present.

As VMworld kicks off, it is clear that a consolidation of virtual players is under way.

More importantly, as of Monday some very real acquisitions of virtual players had been announced. The Dell-3Par-HP love triangle that began last week, looks like it may be drawing to a close. Reuters is predicting that the maker of virtualized, multi-tenant storage array vendor will be HP, whose latest counter offer was $1.8 billion. Whether Dell will counter remains to be seen.

Then, on Monday, Citrix announced its intent to purchase VMLogix. The addition will be part of Citrix's OpenCloud infrastructure platform for cloud providers, and it is expected to close in the third quarter of 2010.

The slogan for VMworld 2010 is "Virtual Roads. Actual Clouds," and indeed cloud is huge. So too, it seems is desktop virtualization. A brief walk through the Solutions Exchange revealed many desktop solutions.

On Tuesday, the show will kick into high gear with VMware CEO Paul Maritz's keynote, in which he and Steve Herrod will present VMware's latest vision: IT as a service and demonstrate new virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Other thoughts on the show: I'm not a big tweeter. I've dipped my toe into the Twitter waters, but haven't been a power user -- it just never grabbed me the way FaceBook has. For VMworld, however, it appears to be the link to what is going on, both officially and ad hoc. Look for lots of frequent ServerWatch tweets this week. I even checked out my first Tweet Up this evening.

Amy Newman is the senior managing editor of ServerWatch and Enterprise IT Planet. She has been covering virtualization since 2001, and is the coauthor of Practical Virtualization Solutions, published by Pearson in October 2009.

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This article was originally published on Aug 31, 2010
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