Red Hat Launches ISV Program

By Thor Olavsrud (Send Email)
Posted Apr 1, 2003

Taking another step on its road into the enterprise, Red Hat Tuesday unveiled an ISV program that will allow vendors to self-test and qualify their applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Dubbed "Red Hat Ready," the ISV application program will give participating ISVs a number of benefits, including the listing of their applications and contact information on redhat.com, the listing of their applications on Red Hat's official application list for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the use of the Red Hat Ready logo when promoting their applications. New ISV program offers benefits to Independent Software Vendors who test and certify their applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux; special perks offered to Oracle partners.

"We are witnessing a tremendous demand from software vendors that want to certify their products for Red Hat Enterprise Linux," said Mark de Visser, vice president of Marketing at Red Hat. "Recent research by Evans Data discovered that 59 percent of all developers plan to write Linux applications in the next year. The Red Hat Ready program has been created to address this demand."

The plan works in conjunction with the recently announced Oracle Unbreakable Linux ISV Partner Program, and all members of that program will have access to Red Hat's "Red Hat Ready" ISV application program.

Oracle partnered with Red Hat through the Unbreakable Linux initiative, and it and its partners are key members of the Red Hat ISV ecosystem. Because of the close relationship, Red Hat said it will give Oracle partners exclusive, limited time benefits, including:

  • Discounts on all Red Hat developer training courses
  • Discounts on Red Hat Enterprise Linux starter kits
  • Access to the Red Hat online ISV Resource Center when entering from the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) or the Oracle Technical Network (OTN)
  • Invitations to Red Hat's "Developer to Developer" Webcasts.

"Together, the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Partner initiative and the Red Hat Ready programs have been designed to give ISV partners everything they need to build proven solutions on the Oracle/Red Hat platform," said Dave Dargo, vice president of the Linux Program Office at Oracle.

This article originlly appeared on internetnews.com.

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