S2 Sets 12-Way Performance Level on Sun Platform

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S2 Systems, a provider of transaction processing, authorization and integrated solutions for the banking, retail, and telecommunications sectors, revealed a new performance and scalability test running on the Sun Fire platform. The results demonstrate OpeN/2's capability to reliably process more than 3,500 online financial transactions per second (tps) in a distributed and multi-node environment with an average 78 percent server utilization. S2 Systems released stats on its latest performance and scalability test running on the Sun Fire platform. The results demonstrate the ability of OpeN/2 to process 3,500 or more online transactions per second in a distributed and multinode environment with an average of 78 percent server utilization.

The tps metric represents authorizations executed by complex algorithms designed to simulate a large bank or retail production environment. Solutions that cannot affordably or reliably meet the baseline benchmark of more than 1,000 tps are perceived as non-relevant to customers. S2 Systems and Sun Microsystems have demonstrated how customers can affordably meet present and future business requirements for high performance/open standards-based transaction processing environments with improved clock speed, reliability, multiprocessor linearity and processing bandwidth.

The S2 Systems-Sun feasibility study was performed in October 2002 at Sun's lab. The purpose of the tests was to prove higher throughput and reliability capabilities by taking advantage of the Sun Fire servers, which are UltraSPARC III processor-based, and powered by an integrated scalable memory design for massively scalable environments. Database response time was also measurably improved with Oracle as the relational database server.

The test was configured using four Sun Fire 4800 servers, configured with UltraSPARC III 900 MHz processors and one Sun Fire 6800 database server employing UltraSPARC III 900 MHz processors running Solaris 8 and the Oracle8i Database.

This article was originally published on Nov 22, 2002
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