Updated Messenger Can Serve 200,000

Stalker Software, Inc. announced Super-Symmetric, its high-end CommuniGate Pro messaging system which, according to the company, can serve 200,000 accounts on a single server installation and support several million accounts on heterogeneous multi-server clusters. Key features include multiplatform support (including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS), high scalability, administration via the Web, and extensive multidomain support.

According to Stalker Software, CommuniGate Pro is the first product to provide true message clustering that's based on account-level synchronization. Before the CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster release, large ISPs had to use solutions that relied on OS- and FileSystem-level locking. The company claims that these solutions were advertised as scalable and reliable, but suffered from instability, and performance drops were inevitable. The product is updated regularly, as the history of updates shows. Stalker Software introduces super-symmetric CommuniGate Pro v. 3.3b1, a message clustering system with account-level synchronization, Web GUI, and more.

The account-level synchronization scheme used in CommuniGate Pro Cluster is based on a TCP/IP protocol and provides nonlocking, multiaccess to all mailboxes served by the Cluster. Stalker Software claims that after being released from their file-locking duties, the same storage devices (file servers) may now be used to handle a larger number of accounts than they could process with older solutions, with increased stability and performance. The CommuniGate Pro Free Trial Version is available now. The company posts updated versions (both betas and finals) on a regular basis.

This article was originally published on Mar 10, 2000
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