Apache Week issue 233 (2nd February 2001)

"There has been a lot of traffic on new-httpd this week about whether Apache 2.0 is ready for a beta release. The prerequisite the Apache group have for a beta release of Apache 2.0 is that the code is running on the production server at www.apache.org. To this end, production testing has continued for short periods of time, and more bugs exposed and fixed. Group members also expressed the desire for a useful mod_status output before a beta, and this culminated in Ryan Bloom checking in a forward-port of the Apache 1.3 mod_status."

"Another hot topic on the list was Apache on Windows. Bill Rowe has been working on a new and improved graphical installer for Apache 1.3, and this has received thorough testing from the list members on the many different flavours of Windows. Apache 2.0's current performance on Windows is also under discussion as some fundamental changes to how APR (Apache's portability layer) examines files are being made." The newest Apache Week issue covers LinuxWorld, Apache development, and information about the 1.3.17 release.

This article was originally published on Feb 2, 2001
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