Monitoring Solarwinds SAM: Product Overview and Insight

Solarwinds SAM: Product Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line:

Solarwinds has multiple monitoring solutions available, enabling organizations to choose the right product for their own specific needs. That is versatility is a key value for the company’s Server and Application Monitor (SAM) product, which handles advanced server and application monitoring.

A key differentiator for Solarwinds SAM is the ability to manage dependencies, such that a group of different related metrics can be correlated from parent and child processes and functions. The platform also provides different views, so that different stakeholders can see the data that is relevant for their needs.

A core focus for SAM is on server application monitoring, with the integrated capability to monitor over 1,000 different applications. Server hardware health monitoring is also part of the platform.

In the modern server application deployment landscape, many organizations also make use of cloud infrastructure alongside physical servers. Among the key benefits of SAM is that it can also be used to track and monitor infrastructure and applicator deployed in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Service Description:

Solarwinds SAM provides a robust set of capabilities for organizations to monitor servers and applications that are running on-premised and in the cloud. The solution can also monitor virtualization servers and it provides integrated storage health and performance metrics as well.


Server Health Monitoring:
Performance metrics for key server hardware components.

Server Capacity Forecasting:
Capacity forecasting charts provide administrators with visibility into resource utilization.

Real-Time Process Explorer:
Enables administrators to analyze server processes that might be impact performance.

Service Control Manager:
Administrators can remotely manage server services and take action when required.

Managed Views
Custom views of monitored assets and metrics can be configured for different use cases and stakeholders.


Application installation on a Windows server.


24/7 tech support and online documentation.

Use Cases:

Server monitoring for on-premises, private, public and hybrid cloud environments.


Server and Application Monitor (SAM) pricing starts at $2,995

Solarwinds SAM

Workload Support

on-premises, cloud and virtual


Application installation on a Windows server

Key Differentiator

Dependency management


Server and Application Monitor (SAM) pricing starts at $2,995

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