GuidesServer Security: Keeping the "Box" Safe Page 3

Server Security: Keeping the “Box” Safe Page 3

By Karl Magsig

For an enterprise, the costs of providing its own redundant Internet connections can run into thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Since that’s the prime business of a co-location service provider, the vendor will most likely have the fastest Internet connection available, or close to it.

Also, maintaining staff around the clock to monitor server status can be quite expensive for an enterprise, and thus makes using a co-location provider seem more affordable.

Further, if an office loses power for some reason, the enterprise will have peace of mind knowing its servers are still safely running at the co-location site. While back-up power sources in case of power loss is always an option, it may be more cost-effective to simply use a co-location service that already has power back-up systems in place.

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